A must location in your pre-wedding album – Beach

Beach sunset photographies are always so beautiful, they make for a unique backdrop as each sunset is a little bit different from the next. Malacca has a gorgeous beach for pre-wedding shoot where both of you are walking in the warm beach sand, listening to the waves and lost yourself in the moment. These are some […]

The Shore Sky Tower – Photoshoot Location

Not everyone can afford to take pre-wedding photos in Rome, or Paris, or in Santorini, Greek. Pre-wedding photoshoot in Malaysia can still create amazing wedding photos, and at the same time, you can save on travel costs. The Shore Sky Tower is one of the most spectacular tourist attraction  in Malacca! It is located at the […]

Wedding Day Photography

Wedding day photography - Marcus

Melaka Actual Day Photography Wedding day photography for Marcus & Jamie. One of the most significant days in a person’s life definitely is the wedding day. Some people will symbol the day as the beginning of all the things to come. The day that you stand proudly in front of your family and friends as you […]