Before you begin the hunt for your dream gown, there are a few things to note. 


Figuring out how to choose a bridal shop can affect your wedding dress shopping experience. You’ll want to find a bridal shop that makes you feel comfortable during the shopping and photo-shooting process. Also, the right wedding gowns for you!
But with so many bridal stores out there, how do you choose a bridal shop that’s right for you?


Here are a few tips on how to choose a Bridal Shop.

1. Ask friends and family

If you’re on the hunt for a trustworthy bridal shop, ask your married friends and family members where they went. Find out why they liked that particular bridal shop by asking for the inside scoop. How’s their shopping and photo-shooting experience in the bridal shop? Did they like their stylist, and why? What types of wedding gowns available?


2. Read reviews

It’s very important to read the online reviews before visiting. See what the real brides had to say about their experiences to help you make a decision on which shop to visit. Most bridal shop will also have information about their operating hours alongside their reviews, making it a one-stop shop for all the crucial information you need. Read Lees Wedding reviews.


3. Your budget

Before you choose a bridal shop to visit, make sure you have a budget. Some bridal shop may not have the packages and gowns within your price range, so again, be sure to check with the shop in advance. If only some of the dresses at the store are within your budget, make sure you let your stylist know your maximum spend before trying on anything.


4. Pick the right location

Picking the right location is a must. The one question you need to answer, where do you want to have your pre-wedding shoots? If you want to choose somewhere that’s accessible to you, you may search for the bridal shop in your hometown. You may also consider other states in Malaysia or other countries. Melaka, Malaysia is one of the stunning locations for Pre-wedding shoots.


5. Visit Bridal Shops / The Wedding Gowns

Visit a few bridal shops before confirmation. Don’t limit yourself to shopping at just one bridal shop, even if you found a dress you love on your first appointment. You never know what styles suit you the most and end up loving.

You also need to think about gowns alterations. Does the bridal shop offer in-house alterations or will you have to go somewhere else to get the gown fitted? Lees Wedding Bridal provides in-house alterations.


6. Find out how their process works

Do you have to call ahead to make an appointment or are walk-ins okay? Do they charge for trying the wedding gowns? What are the products offered in the packages? What is excluded in the packages? How’s the payment process? By knowing this kind of information before choosing a bridal shop will make the decision process that much smoother.


Lees Wedding Bridal is a bridal shop based in Melaka, Malaysia. We proudly offer the following services:
– Pre-wedding Photography & Videography
– Actual-day Photography & Videography
– Makeup & Hairdo
– Wedding Gowns & Suits Rental
– Gowns for mothers of the bride and groom
– Evening Gowns
– Car Decoration

Our Pre-wedding and Actual-day packages starting from RM2988. Contact us to book an appointment!
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